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we are located in Littlestown, PA directly on Hanover Pike - Otherwise known as Route 194, about halfway between Hanover and Littlestown. Less than 10 miles from Gettysburg, and less than 10 miles from the Maryland state line, we're located within driving distance of some of the largest cities in the area, including Baltimore, Fredrick, Chambersburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, and about a 3 hour drive from Philladelphia.

i have been working on atvs ever since honda came out with the atc110 back in 1983. then in 1985 i bought my first used atv, a 85 atc200x that was crashed. i fixed it up and wanted it to go faster. after talking to a few people and installed a kerker hop up kit, it did go faster. then in 1986 i bought my first new atv. the tecate 3. thats were it all really started. it was fast and had some good pulling power, the local kawasaki shop helped me and showed me what needed to be done to make it better.but then the tecate 4 and the mojave came out and i was hooked. i tuned my quads in so well that some years later , i got a job at that same dealer ship.after being tought by some fine mechanics and the owner. and being tought by kawasaki school for electrical and engine theory, i just kept on tuneing bikes and quads in. then in 1996 the dealership closed down, bought out by the competitor across town. i worked for them for the summer as to get used to other brands. then in september of 97 i started cwr. and now we have a good track record in building realiable and powerfull motors.

this year in 2008 we had some great riders down in the texas area riding our motors. the bushen racing association of texas or brat racing to be short has had success because of team work between us. great riders,great motors, great quad set up for mx equals top five finishes all the time. hats off to those guys this year.2009 we be even better.

as with all, the motors i work on reflect a part of me. i like explaining to you what is being done and why. i try to give the bast power for your dollar. sometimes it takes a little longer to get done. not all parts are readily available, some parts need to custom made. it takes time. but i try to do it as quickly as possiable. we are a small shop with a lot to do and are growing and learning every week. so your input is taken seriously too.

we do the best we can as we can.





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